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The fixins of your bag affirms a whole lot about you as well as what you cherish.

You need to get yourself prepared for whatever surprises life throws without congesting your bag and stressing your shoulders.

Checkout these essentials you should always keep in your bag before heading out every single day.

Mini Vaseline

Vaseline is so much beneficial, it's a multi-purpose thing, it acts as lip balm, it repress your skin from burning up. It also serve as remedy for dry noses during a specific season.

It's a portable multi functional balm you will definitely need in your handbag at all times.

Hand sanitizer

Germs are in every direction, and we don't always have access to a sinkage.

Imagine the viruses you may have touched in a day, it might be from stair support, public transit, a bathroom door handle or the screen of a phone.

Don't get it twisted, hand sanitizer shouldn't be a substitute for cleaning your hands, but it's important to have it in your handbags incase you couldn't get a sink at some point in time.

 Breath mints

Yes! you really need to have this in you handbag always because you never know who can you can bump into, particularly after you've just had a local meal with different spices.

Though, gum can be helpful too, but not good for everyone. Just choose whichever is best for you!


Sometimes we all experience headaches when you least expect them, so it is very essential to get an anti-inflammatory or pain relief medicine in your handbag incase of the unforseen.

You shouldn't wait till you get disturbed with a lingering headache which will definitely distract and leave you uncomfortable.


Headphones are such a relief... If you're using them to listen to music, message, conversations, you can bet it, it's more enjoyable.
Get one in your handbag at all times, it saves you from so many situations.

Oversized Sunglasses

Too much exposure to Ultraviolet radiation can be harmful to your skin and eyes, it also has repressing effect on the body's immune system.
 Avoid chances of cataracts, and skin cancer on your lids, get yourself a pair of sunglasses which should be on top of the what-to-put-in-bag list and don't forget to get a case for your sunglasses.

Portable phone battery charger

I don't know if you've experienced a flat battery during an outing, damn! One of the most ridiculous thing that can happen especially when you aren't with your charger. You need your phone battery charger in your bag everywhere you go because, you wouldn't want to be stranded.

You will definitely need your phone to either make calls, check your email, surf the internet and lots more. Save yourself from been helpless to the fear of "dead-battery" dumps by putting a charger in your handbag always.

 Sanitary pad

Always go out with an extra pad. As a lady, it's always very good to have an extra pad in your bag. Anything can occur, body system changes, so you never can tell.

Asking for a pad from a stranger is going to be difficult just because it's a lot more personal. For me, I prefer to be the one that will always say yes when someone asks if anyone has a pad.

You just have to avoid such embarrassment by always keeping this essential handy in case of the unforseen.

I hope you find this useful, kindly add your suggestion in the comment section and share with family and friends.

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