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Happy New Month Messages You Should Check out


By Raphael Adewoye

Whether today is the 1st day of the month or the 2nd day of the new month, You definitely do not want to skip sending a Happy New Month Prayer and Message to the one person that is more than special to you. #Winks

Since you remember what awaits you after you send those romantic Happy New Month Text Messages to your Love, Sweetheart, Girlfriend or Boyfriend, lets get to it straight away!

The Wishes/Messages on this page are PERFECT!

ALL Happy New Month (2020) Messages for Your Love, A Special person! Of course!, Wonderful New Month Prayers for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Husband or Wife.

Happy New Month Message to My Love

So you've decided to say Happy new month to my love in the most amazing way possible and you want to do so through a lovely text message? You are free to choose the particular one that suits your taste below.

1. Yes! Isn't a Happy new month My love? You shall not be disgraced, you shall flourish in success and, you shall be victorious in your endeavours this month.

2. Thank God we made again Baby! It's a brand new one. Be the First to open the polythene from the Happy new month ahead of you! You deserve to do so.

3. Dear, with all days counted i realized we've exhausted the old month, so i order for a brand new month in which all your dreams come through! Happy new month darling.

4. The morning is new, the day are mint, the week is untouched, and it gonna be a Blissful new month for you and I sweetie. You i know my heart is yours

5. I just told the Sun that i won't be needing it's rays this New month cos you are the Sunshine of my life. Shine on brighter this month My love.

6. Today will not pass without me thanking God for giving you as light to my life for another whole month. Happy new month to the one who lights up my World!

7. I thought of how to say it differently today, but my heart kept saying a Prosperous New Month to the custodian of my heart. All best wishes angel.

8. I phoned Heaven to put every other thing on hold until they are sure this new month is loaded with goodies and packages specially designed for the one who completes me. They obviously agreed cos it's a Happy new month!

9. So i was eavesdropping on the conversations of the Angels the other day and they mentioned bring you a a Happy new month that fulfills all your dreams. So, there you have it!

10. This is your new month of newness, of success, of abundance, of overflow, of joy, of Fulfilment... Just agree and it gonna be a Beautiful new month my Love.

11. Listen to this Cutie pie. This month will announce your glory, it will denounce shame for you, it attest to success and detest your downfall all the days in it. Amen

12. Success becomes your crown, joy your gown, your haters to frown and your enemies to drown, this new month and all your life darling. Sparkling new month

13. Since your entering this new month is not a joke, then excellence, prosperity, good tidings and all-round profit shall follow as you in this new month.

14. As you journey through this month, you are not alone. I am right by your side and I will always be with you through everything till we breathe our last. It's a Happy new month Love.

15. I could barely sleep all through the night, because I was thinking about how lucky I am to have beside me even in this new month. May fuel subsidy never affect the fire of our love this month new and forever.

16. I dedicate the first and every other day of this new month to you. I figured out that with you in every day of this month, it's definitely gonna be a Happy month for us.

17. I held my breath since we last spoke yesterday night, just to make sure you the 1st person i tell Happy New month today. Pls help me check if my heart is still pumping, since i have forgotten it with you.

18. Wait, Am I the only person who has discovered that this new month will make us extraordinarily prosperous and successful? OK, now i have told you, it's no longer only me. *winks*

19. Wear a beautiful smile, travel any mile, dance around on the tile and ring my dial cos it's a Happy new month specifically designed for you!

20. So lemme quickly congratulate you on official stepping into a new month in which you will be award with excellence, reward in prettiness and forwarded for loveliness. Happy new month boo.

Happy New Month Prayers to My Love

Prayers are very important in everything we do. It is even more important to pray for the success and prosperity of everyone special to you.

Here is a list of Happy new month Prayers to my love just for you!

21. Every day you see is declared blessed, every time you spend is declared productive, every endeavor you venture into is declared excellent, this new month and forever.

22. Your going forth is favoured, your coming in is blessed, your hand work will succeed, all the days of this Happy new month and forever. Amen

23. My Love, As we launch into this fresh month I pray you launch into glad tidings, punch into abundant opportunities and get a bunch of victories over all your struggles. It's a New month!

24. Babe, continue to rejoice, cos a wave of Angels are coming  with answers to all your prayers this new month and everyday of your life. Happy new month darling.

26. I read in the scripture that for you, all goodness, mercy, favour, and joy shall follow you all the days of this month and forever. Happy new month Angel.

27. This Happy new month, May Heaven smiles upon you, may the Earth give you its best and may life give you comfort as you've desired.

28. I asked for blessings and Heaven promised to send you All the showers available for this new month and every other day

29. Let nothing disturb you, Let nothing frighten you, Everything will go away except God,
God alone is sufficient. May God fill your heart wit Joy & peace all d days of your life. HAPPY NEW MONTH Babe

30. May the radiant light of greatness shine upon your life and endeavours this New Month, fill your days with the blessings of Peace, Happiness, and Goodwill. Happy New Month my love.

31. Hear this, the new month equals new blessings, new tidings, new joy, new favour, new peace and between us, new love forever and ever and ever. Happy new month my heart.

32. In this new month,  your very own joy will definitely be complete always, victory songs will not cease from  your month and Each new day will bring you closer to the fullness of your Destiny. Happy new month dear.

33. Your ways are declared straight, your Heavens, declared open, your joy, declared full and your journey, declared smooth. Just my way of saying happy new month.

34. All the days in this month will be filled with joy unspeakable, laughter unchangeable and peace immovable. Happy new month sweet.

35. May doors of mercy, favour, joy, greatness, uplifting, abundance, prosperity, peace and love be open to you this month and all your life. Happy new month dear.

36. As we roll the calendar into Happy new month today, My heart’s greatest desires is that all your wishes come true, all your dreams made real and your aspirations made manifest. Love you!

37. You will experience new dimensions of God's favour and grace. Never will you be cast down in all of your solid hopes. This is my Happy new month prayer for you.

38. No obstacles will tackle your success, no embargo will stop your go! No stumbling block will keep you in lock, this day, and every other day in this new month. Loud Amen!

39. As the month starts anew, you will get to the Zenith of greatness, the Skye will give you Access to get Diamond and you be First among your equals in all you do. Welcome to a Happy new month.

40. My earnest prayer for you this new month is that Tears be far from you, laughter close to you, sorrow never to see you and joy wake you up every day forever.

Happy New Month Message to The One You Love

Definitely, you love the people in you life, but then there is that one person that turns your world round. Go ahead and say Happy new month to the one you love with these special composed texts below.

41. My love for you automatically renews with the new month. Expect new dimensions of unlimited love from me. Happy new month sweet.

42. To the King of my heart, my life, my love, the one true person who completes me, I say a Happy new month.

43. I will only love you more and more even as we enter into the new month. My love will wax stronger and the month will be blissful for you and me.

44. I look around me and decided that I will be ungrateful if do not than God giving me such a wonderful wife. I am grateful now and forever, Happy new month dear.

45. Keep smiling, keep rejoicing you have no reason to cry, no reason to frown cos your joy will overflow this new month. Happy new month.

46. Love is the only reason why the world still goes on. I wish you all the love you can get this happy new month my love.

47. May all the forces of the universe agree to move you to the pinnacles of success and breakthrough this new month. Amen.

48. If the Sun can still give light, the birds still sing, the fire still burns and water still flow, then my love for you is forever and the day after. Happy New Month to the one i love.

49. Only God understands when i say I am lucky because God gave me you not minding all my flaws. Then I am truly luck dear. Happy new month to you.

50. You are the exact reason i am inspired, you are the pump for my motivation, with you are my aspirations and so you deserve all my attention. Happy new month my love.

51. If I decide to count my blessings and name them one by one, i don't know how time I will have to mention your name. Only you know what this means. Happy new month dear.

52. The best moments of my life started when I met you. Since then every moment has been better than the best. Happy new month to the best things that has happened to me.

53. If i decide to say this the way it is in my heart, i will definitely exhaust all the ink the world, so lemme just say it simply, WELCOME TO A NEW MONTH MY LOVE!

54. May the Earth yield increase to you, may you days bring you joy, may efforts wear the crown of success this new month and for all eternity. Happy new month to my Angel.

55. You are the only reason life makes sense to me. Without you, my life will be meaningless to me cos you add value to my life. I love now and forever, Happy new month.

56. I will make you smile forever laugh forever, rejoice forever and be at peace forever. This is my promise to you this new month and forever.

57. Movement show that things are getting better. May move from grace to grace this day and every other day. Happy new month sweetie.

58. May you find peace in all you do this month. May troubles never get to you this month. Happy new month dear.

59. A new month we have here, it's new beginning. The yesterday is gone it now a brand new day. May you experience all good things anew this month. This is my Happy new month message to the one i love.

60. No reason to fight or be in flight, don't make haste or run to taste, cos I've got your back anytime, anywhere, any day. Happy new month babe.

Happy New Month Message to My Fiancee

It's the beginning of a new month again and you are looking to make your Fiancee feel loved and special, then we are at your service with the Happy new month message to my Fiancee below.

61. Babe, when I say I love you, do you know what i mean? I mean you are my heart and life. You know how much that means to me. Happy new month dear.

62. I can't wait to get married to you, so you can enjoy more of my love in new dimensions. All the same, i have to wait. Happy new month baby.

63. Today I was just imagining how we will both sit together at the beach in our old age and hold hands on the chair. How sweet it will be, but let enjoy now first
 Happy new month dear.

64. The Bible was not joking when it said 'he who finds a wife finds a good thing' it understatement to me cos you are more than that. Happy new month Fiancee.

65. Make everyday of this month count cos it official filled with goodness and goodies. Happy new month love.

66. I don't usually pray that nothing should separate us cos we are perfectly one, and there is nothing to separate between us. Happy new month darling.

67. If the world ends today, as long as you are right beside me, i am just okay with the world ending, cos you are my world. Happy new month boo.

68. I am ready to take the bullet to the heart just for you. I am that in love with you angel. Happy new month.

69. Seems an angel is missing in Heaven. But i don't care because you are right here with me and so Heaven just has yo agree with me on this. Winks Happy new month My Angel.

70. While i was composing the message i slept and woke up, still composing the message cos you are just too awesome that words don't know how to describe you. Happy new month Awesomeness.

72. I wish this is the month I take you to the Altar, so you can really and truly become mine, but i am damn sure that day is no longer far. Happy new month love.

73. Love is sweeter than sugar, stronger than rock, taller than Everest and faster than light and deeper than the Atlantic. Happy new month dear. Love you.

74. It has become increasingly difficult to take my heart and attention off you every minute of the day. I pray it gets worse even as we see the Happy new month darling.

75. Our own love is unique, it's not blind, it's not selfish, it's not in haste, it is just pure and divine. Love you now and always. Happy new month to my Fiancee.

76. God bless you first, bless me next and then bless our union. Happy new month to my Jewel of inestimable value.

78. You add sweetness to my life. At this rate i am seriously praying to God so I don't die of diabetes dear. Happy new month to you.

79. Loving you to the moon and back is the shortest distance my love can go just for you. Happy new month my life.

80. All I need to love and survive is you. You are mine and i am yours now and always.
 Happy new month to my gold.

Happy New Month Message to My Soul mate

There is always that one, special person who has been made just for you right from Heaven. So make that person experience your love in a new dimension by sending a Happy new month message to my soul mate to her. Feel free to choose from the plethora below.

81. Which would you prefer, a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini? Make your choice and you will have it this month. Just to tell you It's gonna be a Happy new month.

82. I am for you and you are for me, nothing else matters to me. That's my resolve. Happy new month my priceless jewel.

83. My flawless did not stop Heaven from helping me locate the flawless you, the one who completes me. Happy New Month to My Soul mate.

84. I want you to be mother to my kids and me. No other person has the specs to do so but you only. Happy new month love.

84. This month, you will not sweat to get anything you desire. From me yo you, it a Happy and prosperous new month.

85. Everything you call this month will come to you in obedience. Happy new month to you sweetie.

85. May all of the abundance of God's favour follow you this month. Happy new month Honey.

86. I am not sure honey is sweeter than the love you have shown me. Happy new month my sweet angel.

87. This  Happy new month, i promise to make sugar jealous of the sweetness of the love I will show you. Love you.

88. Just accept that whichever direction you turn this month, favour, joy, Peace, and success will be waiting for you. Happy new month my King.

89. My love for you is wider than the size of the earth, farther than the distance to Mars and closer than sweat to the skin. Happy new month, you know I love you.

90. It is my heart's deepest prayers that all your wishes are granted this new month. Happy new month.

91. And as you sojourn through this month, everything will be easy for you, no difficulty. Happy new month my Queen.

92. Laugh all you can, sing all you can, be merry all you can and rejoice all you can cos it's a Happy new month to you

93. May all the benefits in this new month be your to command. Happy new month babe.

94. I can and will do anything for you, just to show you i love you. Happy new month my Heart.

95. To the one who stole my heart and i am proud to say it to the world, Happy new month.

96. I wish to build three houses for us. One for you one for me and one for our love. I want it as safe as possible. Happy new month dear.

97. May goodness find you for the North, favour in the south, peace from the East and prosperity from the West. Happy new month baby.

98. Only speak a thing and it shall be yours. That's just what you have to do this Happy new month. Say it and get it!

99. When i say my love for you is matchless, I mean it cannot be matched at all. Happy new month my love.

100. The next 30 days will bring you unmatchable luck and success in all things. Happy new month to you.

New Month Prayer for My Boyfriend

Make him laugh, make him smile, make him love you more as you enter the new month with these New month prayer for my boyfriend.

101. More more to you, more success for you and all enjoyment for you. Happy new month.

102. As you go out every day of this new month, you will not encounter problems. Happy new month.

103. In this month, May all things be smooth for you and your aspirations come to reality. Happy new month darling.

104. I read in scriptures that all things work together for good to them that love God. Let this be your testimony this month and every day.  Happy new month.

105. May God be with you in all you do this month. You will not run into problems. Happy new month to My Boyfriend.

106. I have asked God to do what no man can do for you in this new month and He said Yes. Happy new month boo.

107. Every closed door in your life will be opened and you will rejoice. Happy new month darling.

108. It is my prayer that everywhere you turn this month, may help arise for you. Happy new month dear.

109. May you experience God in new dimensions this month, may he shower blessings upon you. Happy new month dear.

110. Expect miracles and testimonies upon all you have been hoping for this new month. It's al coming to you. This is my Happy new month prayer for my love.

111. And that's how God will supply all you needs to you this month and every single day of your life. Happy new month.

112. Just for your sake, Heaven is declared open upon all that you will have to do in this season. Happy new month dear.

113. May favour grace and mercy speak for you everywhere you step in this new month. Happy new month love.

114. I pray that your life mirrors the beauty of God's grace in all that you as we enter this Happy new month.

115. May your ear hear good news, your mouth speak testimonies, your eyes see goodness and your life experience breakthrough. This is my Happy new month message to my Boyfriend.

116. May God hear you when yiu call, may He help you when you are in need and may He provide when you lack. Happy new month love.

117. Where people experience difficulty in excellence will be easy for you every time. Happy new month dear.

118. May God protect your going out and coming every day of this month as forever. Happy new month sweet.

119. Your life will overflow with blessings, your joy will be unstoppable, and everything you do will succeed. Happy new month my life.

120. Smile and keep smiling cos you've got nothing to worry about this month and forever. Happy new month to my love.

New Month Prayer For My Girlfriend

You love her, we know, there's no doubt about it. So be the first to wake her up with a specially composed New month prayer for my Girlfriend, all below.

121. May all this in your life be at their best just to give you comfort in all you do. Happy new month babe.

122. Get ready to go to the next level of greatness and excellence this new month. Happy new month.

123. May you be celebrated like never before. May every thing work out well for your sake. Happy new month to my angel.

124. Laughter will not cease in your mouth, more joy and happiness to you. This is my Happy new month prayer to my adorable Girlfriend.

125. Hear me and believe, May Kings honour you, Princess admire you and royalty envy you. Happy new month babe.

126. A lot of girls are jealous of you, of your beauty, but I care less cos i have got you. Happy new month honey.

127. I have something more than gold, better than silver, rarer than diamond and that you my darling. Happy new month

128.  Seems the angels are beginning to get jealous of your beauty. I just know they can not hide it for long. Happy new month my baby.

129. Just Continue to radiate and illuminate my life, light doesn't kill dear. That what are you to me. Happy new month babe.

130. May your crown never get lost and your place never taken by another. Happy new month cutie pie.

131. You are sweeter than ice cream, hotter than a volcano and way cooler than ice all at the same time. Happy new month dear.

132. It is you that makes my own world spin. May you not be stagnant ever! Happy new month my love.

133. You are awesome, indescribable, a package of all beauty. Happy new month to you my angel.

134. I hope my heart doesn't explode with the way it beats every time I see you. Happy new month dearie.

135. I can't get enough of you, not at all. You are just too awesome wonderful and special to me. Happy new month my love.

136. It is you who makes my life this beautiful. My all is you, please never leave me. Happy new month darling.

137. Guess what, this new month is another opportunity for me to love you the more and more. I definitely won't disappoint. Happy new month honey.

138. We have become One and there's nothing anybody can do about it, that, I am sure of dear. Happy new month to you.

139. I won't stop loving you, even in this new month, it will only get the worse. I promise you. Happy new month my heart.

New Month Prayer for My Husband

He is your Husband and you definitely love him very much. Make him feel special and loved by sending him our delicately composed New month prayers for my Husband all below.

140. Yes! You are my crown and for no reason will you ever leave my head dear. Happy new month my husband.

141. As you go out to work every day, may God protect you in all you do. Happy new month dear.

142. I have promised to make you always and guess what, this new month is going to be extraordinary dear. Happy new month to my Hubby.

143. More money to your bank accounts, more profit to your business, more excellence in all you do. Happy new month baby.

144. My life would have been worthless without you. Thanks for adding meaning to my life my love. Happy new month to you.

145. All that concerns you and our family is declared perfected this new month. Happy new month honey.

146. Everything that we were unable to accomplish last month is declared successful this new month. It's a happy new month dear.

147. I was our love to go to a whole new dimension in this new month. I know you trust that I will do my part. Happy new month darling.

148. I wish to grow old right in your arms. Nothing else can be more satisfying than that. Happy new month to the King of my heart.

149. May our children surround our table, joy, peace and happiness never leave our home. This is my New month prayer for my Husband.

150. Evil will not find you, problems will give way for you, favour locate you, blessings fall on you. Happy new month my Crown.

New Month Prayer For My Wife

Yes! She is the beautiful woman in your life, the queen in your palace. Make her experience royalty with the meticulously composed New month prayer for my wife all for you below.

151. May you be fruitful in your endeavours this month, may it be miraculous for you. Happy new  month to my dear wife.

152. May God grant your prayers far beyond your imaginations and aspirations. Happy new month dear.

153. I pray that you are promoted i all you do. May you flourish and prosper in your endeavours this month. Happy new month my life.

154. My every thing you need be supplied to you sufficiently, abundantly and without measures this month and always. Happy new month love.

155. May nothing ever be impossible for you to achieve. My possibilities surround you every day of your life. Happy new month wife.

156. May you experience joy, peace, happiness, prosperity, and increase from God in very new patterns this month. Happy new month sweetie.

157. We've come a long way since we started together dear. It is my earnest prayer that we go even further in this new month. Happy new month.

158. Did you already know you mean more than the world to me? Well, now you know. Winks. Happy new month dear.

159. You are my desire, my inspiration, you are all i need. Please give me more of you this month. Happy new month dear.

160. I am definitely going to give you surprises this month. Just keep your fingers crossed. Happy new month my love.

161. May light shine upon your way, may all the force of the universe join hands to promote you in all you do. Happy new month dear.

162. Trust me, this month is loaded with goodie and benefits and they are all yours! Just for you. Happy new month my Queen.

163. May you not lack the best of things, may you never thirst, may you be filled with plenty always. Happy new month Diamond.

164. Stand tall among your equals, rise above your contemporary, soar beyond limitations and get to the place of glory. This is my Happy new month prayer to my wife.

165. You are nit just the mother of my kids, you are also my mother as well. And so I say a Happy new month to my darling wife and mother.

166. May your life never retrogress, may progress never be far from you, may you always March forward no matter what the obstacles maybe. Happy new month.

167. May sicknesses be far from you, may sound health and prosperity always embrace and abode with you. Happy new month my princess.

168. May the fire of God's protection surround you, May no evil hand touch you and may angels guard you day and night. Happy new month Queen.

169. May the sun give you light in day and the moon always light up your way at night. Happy new month angel.

170. May darkness be far from you and the presence of the Holy God always be with you everywhere you go this month. Happy new month my wife.

And that's it on Happy New Month Prayers to My Love, the one I love, My Husband, My Wife.
Hope you got quite some sweet and heart touching messages for that Special person that You Love.

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